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As WIG BASH '07 approached, we asked all the bands on the Seattle bill to swap questions with each other. We had no idea what was in store. One question has been edited out for content but, against perhaps our better judgment, the rest were left in as they were received. Enjoy... We'll all see you at the show.

1. You are billed as a band that gets the party started, what was the last band that made you sweat?

You guys do the job, so do Triumph of Lethargy, Das Llamas and Federation X.  We sweated in the van the whole way here to Of
Montreal. Lindy's been raving about the Black Lipss live show in Olympia, but no one's made her sweat here yet.

2. Do you feel that in the wake of Sleater-Kinney breaking up, that there has been a gap in female bands with positive role models,and do you think that you have filled/can fill that gap?

Lindy: I have an image burned in my mind of Janet, I believe that's her name, playing drums.  Sometimes I will think of her when I play.
She has a very unique style.  But, I don't think Sleater-Kinney's break up creates a huge gap in female role models cause there are
plenty of other women out there to look up to.

Marissa:  And femmie men.

Kristin:  Absolutely.  She said it.

Marissa:  And as far as us being positive role models for all, we'd only hope to.  That picture of me puking on the pot was staged, by the way.

3. What was the worst reaction you've ever received from a crowd?

Marissa: Sometimes my gospel songs don't go over so well if the crowd doesn't know us.  like in utah and the midwest.  one time there was this silence, and everyone just looked away.

Kristin: There were some kids at the PUSA show that were yelling f*ck you! and were flipping us off - but I thought it was rad!!

4. How does having members of your band residing in three separate cities affect your practice schedule?

Marissa:  We have a great practice space but with Lindy in Oly and Faith in Bellingham, we haven't got our money's worth yet.  We're all doing lots of stuff, and we're just busy, important people.

Kristin:  Yeah, we really aren't practicing much right now.  Between day jobs and show schedules, we  usually just barely have enough time to change our clothes and get to sound check on time.  It's unfortunate, but we're hoping to change that soon.  all of our new songs were written in the van.

5. What are your plans to tour after SXSW?

Lindy: We are touring home up the west coast right afterwards.  We get to go to San Diego this time which i'm really excited about.

Marissa: We're spending a week on the east coast in June.  Just 5 shows i think, then doing a five week national tour in October.

6. Can we tag along?

Kristin: Can you buy us food?

Marissa:  And give us backrubs?  And carry our stuff?  Haha we love playing shows with you guys.  You totally rock it.  That'd be so rad.

7. Has anyone ever compared you to a band that you hate?

Kristin:  Usually we just get compared to other female bands.  It's really annoying.  It's like having tits in common is more important
than any sounds we're making.  And a reviewer called us the Spice Girls on 18 wheels.

Marissa:  Someone called me Posh Spice at the Showbox.  i think it was 'sposed to be a pick up line. Like, i'm sure!

8. How 'bout dem Beastie Boys?

Marissa:  LOVE UM.  They suck at scrabble though.  We like sharing the vocal parts like they do.  And the sweet moves.  And the skate tricks.

Kristin:  One knocked out my tooth.  He still owes me fifty bucks.

9. When you are on the road what kind of places do you stay at?

Marissa:  Our first tour we were all ready to sleep in the van every night, but we did once, on Grants Pass in the sleet, i didn't sleep
at all, and the next day I put my foot down.  I'm turning out to be the grandpa of the band.  Now we've upgraded to friend's or stranger's
floors so I don't have to quit.

Lindy: I have special needs.  I strive to stay at big fancy places that have coffee and breakfast waiting for me when I wake up, but usually I wake up face to face with one of the ladies on a dirty floor.

10. Enchiladas?

Marissa:  Taco truck!!
Lindy:  Yes, please!

Kristin:  Yummy, but dangerous in the van.  We called our last tour "The Trucks - darn tootin!"

11. (bonus) Are any of you single?

Yes. but that's special information only for you.  Let's let everyone else think we're married lesbians.

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