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As WIG BASH '07 approached, we asked all the bands on the Seattle bill to swap questions with each other. We had no idea what was in store. One question has been edited out for content but, against perhaps our better judgment, the rest were left in as they were received. Enjoy... We'll all see you at the show.

1. So I heard you formed in Spokane. How did you all meet, when did your destiny call, and how did you plan your escape?

Metch and I met in Jr. High and again in college. I met Brad at a local show then the 3 of us started making "the magic." We met Thee Emergency (from Seattle) on myspace and started trading shows with them and then decided we wanted to live with them in Seattle.

2. You all take turns singing/leading different songs and are very interactive and collaborative on stage. is the writing done that way too?

The writing is very interactive. One person usually comes up with an initial melody and then we all add to it.

3. How do you keep your energy and good humor during a long hard tour? Have you ever tried to kill or otherwise injure each other?

Playing a good show will erase all bad feelings. If we're not having a good time on the road or if there's a tiff, we'll play a great show and all is well again.

4. Do you have any scary psycho stalker fan stories you can tell without fearing for your life?

There've been a couple ladies that get a taste and won't let go. More to come in '08.

5. When you see the words "sensual interlude," what comes to mind?

Slow jams, Bill Bellamy, chocolate and champagne.

6. You guys are touring and playing so much, do you even have time for activities outside the band? What are they?

We have no time outside the band. Sometimes I'll watch action movies or play Badminton when the weather's right. Metch runs and Brad sits on couches.

7. If you broke down in a town full of brain-thirsty zombies, how would you decide who had to go get help?

Metch can run the fastest so he needs to go get help. I can weild the weapons. Brad is good at building things so maybe he could MacGyver our way out of it.

8. We heard you live in a big mansion on the hill in Seattle with a bunch of other musicians, including Seattle rockers Thee Emergency and AGTSK frontman Stubby Stabile. How did you arrange that, and who does the most household chores?

We have 2 houses next door to each other. We first moved in w/Thee Emergency in September '05 and then Stubby moved in September '06. This was a MySpace connection and I would say that Iceage Cobra does more chores. Dita Vox is a close 2nd.

9. Your manager/ booking agent lilbitrockandroll seems to really know what's up. Where'd you get her, and who wears the pants?

She first saw our "magic" on 10/1/05 and started booking us shortly after. She definitley knows what's up so she wears all sorts of pants. We just show up where she tells us to and then we do the song and dance.

10. What's one secret about each of you that's been unknown to the general public (until this article comes out)?

I have exzema (not sure if that's the right spelling), Metch was fat in middle school and Brad had a collapsed lung.

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