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editor's note
Above and Beyond
Anjunabeats Volume Four
by Betsy Ellison

This album is the fourth installment of a popular trance compilation. It was mixed by Above and Beyond, a critically acclaimed electronic outfit and features artists from the Anjunabeats label. The other installments of this series recieved high praise from magazines like URB and DJ, and this one seems to be getting rave reviews as well.

The problem I've always had with trance or techno or electronic music is that it sounds the same. Perhaps someone who listens to electronic music can tell the difference between different artists (or even tell when one track ends and another begins), but I can't. To me, this was one long, drawn out, repetitive song. While this might be a good album in it's genre (which I wouldn't be able to tell you, as I know nothing about said genre), it isn't an album that can transcend genre and appeal to fans of other types of music. If you like electronic music, then this might be a compilation you want to look into--Mixmag named it "Compliation of the month," and DJ Magazine said of it, "If you buy one trance compilation this year, make it this one." Their opinions on this compilation should mean more to trance music fans than my opinion. However, if you're not into any sort of electronic music, I suggest you stay away from this album.