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editor's note
Adrian Orange and Her Band
Adrian Orange and Her Band
(K Records)
by Adam Toth

I'm having trouble finding the appeal of this album. And it's a good thing I have a soft spot for poor vocals, because if not, I very well may have turned this album off after one listen.  Adrian Orange and Her Band walk a fine line between unique and uncomfortable when it comes to vocal choices. I make this my primary point of the review, because unless you can see past front man Adrian Orange's vocals, then you may have trouble listening to this album.

The whole album is a trip filled with brass accompanied by typical rock band instruments. The horns play a large part in making the music what it is, and in all honestly, if it weren't for them, the album would be pretty poor. But then again, they are there, and keep a pretty good beat, and add creativity to every song. In essence, they are the backbone of this album.

If you're a fan of Adrian Orange, then you may enjoy this album, but if you're not, or you've never listened to him before, you might want to take a MySpace preview before you go out and buy the CD.

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