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ALBERT HAMMOND JR. / The Mooney Suzuki
March 2, 2007 - The Crocodile - Seattle, WA
by Ashley Graham

Here goes: Albert is my least favorite Stroke. Sure, I love the Strokes. They are my favorite band, even. But Albert? Eh. Heís always got that sleepy (yeah, I know) look in his eye. He oft seems dazed and confused (yeah, I know), and in general, I donít know, the least personable of the five. Of the five, Iím least excited about the prospect of a solo career from Albert.

Or was least excited, before I found out what little dazed Albert is capable of. His new disc,
Yours to Keep, is a gem, filled with sleepy (in a good way this time) tunes that ring of sincerity, burst with personality, and show Hammondís overwhelming ability to prove himself a noteworthy talent apart from his four counterparts. Itís tricky to think of Hammond opening up for high profilers like Incubus, but he is at home on the smaller stages, showcasing his talents and maintaining an appreciated rapport with his crowd.

His touring days continue this spring, a little birdie informs, and though itíll be back on slightly bigger stages, Hammondís still worth checking out.

And, hopefully, this time weíll be saved the Mooney Suzuki. Donít get me startedÖ

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