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editor's note
Anya Singleton
Not Easy to Forget
by Christopher Patterson

Anya Singleton is both an actress and a singer, and believe or not, both of these qualities give her power over her audience thatís difficult to find among jazz and blues artists. As a singer sheís hard to evaluate, though her retro style draws immediate comparisons to Ella Fitzgerald and Janis Joplin, at the same time, her compelling and gorgeous voice wouldnít be confused with either one. Her sultry sounds mimic that of her predecessors yet take off in different directions, establishing a mood of maternal grace and sophisticated presence. 

As an artist she is phenomenal. She is able to manifest in her voice something sincere, something that most female singers cannot pull off whether because of their lack of acting talent or their true disinterest with the form. Singleton on the other hand knows her part as a retro figure of depth and beauty and proves herself as good of an actress as she is a singer. Her vocal range and interest in retro artistry is comparable to that of Kate Bush and X in that she brings from the past the honesty that is hardly found in contemporary music, though it is so often attempted.

The songs written by Singleton herself have the weakest melodies of the album, while the songs of David Sherman feature incredible depth and make the best use of Singletonís potent vocal control. The sublime notes of the organ and piano seem ominous when coupled with Singletonís voice, making the listener close their eyes and enjoy the euphoric shivers spreading like fairy dust upon their backsides.