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Apollo Up!
Chariots of Fire
by Betsy Ellison

When I heard that Apollo Up! were from Nashville, I expected music that was at least tinged with a bit of country. I mean, it's Nashville. In Philadelphia, one expects cheese steaks. In Seattle, one expects coffee. In Colorado, people expect to go skiing, even in summer, and in Nashville, one expects country music. After my initial disappointment, when nary a twang was found, I came to enjoy this album. The vocals reminded me a lot of Elvis Costello. Sometimes that was a bit distracting, but overall I didn't mind it. The members of Apollo Up! are very good musicians and songwriters. The lyrics left a bit to be desired, but I didn't even really notice that except when reading them in the liner notes. I'd also suggest taking out the horns on the songs that feature them, but I'm just anti-horns in general, so that might just be me. I wouldn't say that this album is the greatest thing I've ever heard, but it's far from the worst. At the very least, you can put it on and pretend it's Elvis Costello.