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Apostle of Hustle
Folkloric Feel
by Leanda Quinquet

Apostle of Hustle was created by Andrew Whiteman, sometime guitarist for Broken Social Scene. Drummer Dean Stone and bassist Julian Brown complete the band, and on this disc there is also a guest appearance by fellow Broken Social Scene chanteuse, Leslie Fiest.

This album is a gem. It is warm, steady and upbeat, often drifting into mellow pastures. Each song smoothly flows into the next, leaving you relaxed and deliciously zoned.

Whiteman formed Apostle after spending 2 months in el barrio Santo Suarez en L’habana. The influence of the country on his music creation shines through on this album, which features strong Spanish vibes throughout. Granted, at times the record does make you feel as if you’re listening to hidden tracks on a Broken Social Scene record, but I believe that this is most definitely a part of its beauty.

Having said that, there is no doubt that this is a very different band, with a different set of goals and purpose. A variation on a theme certainly, but none the less, the Apostles distinctly stand alone and are stunningly unique. You cannot classify this band; they do not fit into any genre, and cannot be pigeonholed. They have had the freedom, and possess the creative depth, to produce an album that they can feel proud of.

Folkloric Feel is an amazing record; I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something significantly different to add to their stale cd collection. You should pick it up….you won’t regret it.