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Show Preview: Arctic Monkeys Ė March 29, 2006 Ė The Crocodile
by Ashley Graham

Holy shit, the hype! Iím bored with pseudo-Libertines bands, man. Especially since I canít even manage to get away from that frickiní Pete Doherty. Iím biased against the British press for their constant coverage of Dohertyís every moveóitís stupid. So, when they celebrate Arctic Monkeys, well, Iím bound to hate them from the start. Half the people I talk to love these boys (local Blakes-er Snow was singing their praises at a recent show), and the other half thinks they suck.

And me? They are my new InterpolóIím going to not listen to them until theyíre not cool to like and then Iíll listen and say things like ďI never got what was so cool about them.Ē But for now Iíll continue with, ďNo, Iíve really never heard Arctic Monkeys.Ē It suits me. Iíll be alone, yes, as Arctic Monkeys have already sold out the Croc. If you missed out this time, catch them at Sasquatch in MayÖ with me.

Essential Info.
The Venue: The Crocodile
The Date: March 29
The Time: 8:30pm (doors)
The Price: SOLD OUT!