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Interview: Art Brut's Eddie Argos and Jasper Future
by Dagmar Patterson

Art Brutís Eddie Argos and Jasper Future met with me after their high-energy blinding set at Bumbershoot. We met at the artistsí tent while Devendra Banhart played and talked about soaps, socks, and cats. Art Brut is a sparkling and cheeky band who will tour the US through November 21st with the Hold Steady and the Blood Arm. See them! Love them!

Q: You used to be a social worker, what did you do?

Eddie: I worked with adults with learning disabilities. It helps in every facet of my life. I loved it. A great job Ė when this is ever finished Iíll go back to it.

Q: You mentioned your coworkers were a lot of middle-aged women and youíd talk about soaps with them.

Eddie: It was just me and a lot of middle-aged women. I loved it.

Q: Do either of you watch the English soaps?

Eddie: Weíre away too much now.

Jasper: I used to watch "Eastenders" all the time.

Q: I watch "Eastenders" and "Coronation Street."

Jasper: I used to be really into EE.

Q: Iím about a year behind.

Jasper: It gets a lot worse. I donít want to spoil it, but it does.

Q: Grant has just left.

Eddie: It gets a lot worse.

Jasper: I might pick it up again.

Q: In November youíll be touring with the Hold Steady.

Eddie: Canít wait.

Q: Are you both fans of the Blood Arm?

Jasper: Yes.

Eddie: My girlfriendís in the Blood Arm.

Q: Really? Dyan (Valdes)?

Eddie: Yeah, sheís here somewhere.

Q: She is a beautiful woman. I love the Blood Arm.

(Eddie points out the pin he has on with Dyan on it).

Q: You were on Conan OíBrien with Daniel Radcliffe. Was he a jerk?

Jasper: No, he was nice.

Eddie: Honestly, he was really cool.

Jasper: Though he was like an adult. It was strange. He was more adult than me.

Q: I love the NME cover that you did.

Eddie: The naked one?

Q: Yes, was that fun or . . .

Eddie: It was weird at first because I was naked in front of a bunch of people. But then I got used to it, and they didnít.

Jasper: Heís naked all the time now. Iím astounded heís got clothes on now.

Q: Itíll be a different story later.

Eddie: Oh yeah.

Jasper: In the tent.

Q: You two went to school together?

Eddie: We met when we were about 16.

Q: Youíve managed to stay friends.

Jasper: On and off. Iím a careerist.

Q: I read that the French throw socks at you. Do you still get socks thrown at you onstage?

Eddie: Yes politely, underarm (he indicates a throw). Clean, new socks Ė itís nice.

Q: I will have to remember that for November.

Eddie: Bring me socks? About 11.

Jasper: I need socks too.

Q: I will do this.

Eddie: UK 11.

Q: Iíll convert that.

Jasper: 12.

Q: Eddie, you have a cat?

Eddie: Yes.

Q: Do you have a pet, Jasper?

Jasper: My roomís not big enough.

Eddie: Youíre Mikeís [Breyer Ė drums] pet. He lives in Mikeís house and has a very small room.

Q: I think you would be a good pet.

Jasper: Iím housetrained.

Q: What kind of cat do you have, Eddie?

Eddie: Tortoiseshell.

Q: Cream colored?

Jasper: I thought you said a talk show cat.

Q: I like that idea. Whatís she called?

Eddie: 54. We just kept calling her cat. But itís like a prisoner.

Q: Prisoner 54.

Eddie: Sheís a lovely cat. She loves a party. If thereís a party sheís right in the middle of it. She gets on peopleís shoulders and nuzzles.

Q: What was doing the video for "Direct Hit" like?

Eddie: Like a young Orson Welles the director said I was. Ian [Catskilkin - guitar] looks great in a toga.

Q: Youíre really into art. Like van Gogh?

Eddie: I love van Gogh, and the stories behind him.

Q: You guys are all pretty fashionable Ė is that something youíre interested in?

Eddie: I think you and Mike are very stylish.

Jasper: We try.

Q: Youíre both wearing pink, I think that color looks good on every one.

Eddie: Itís my favorite.

Q: Whatís the plan for your next video?

Eddie: An eighties live video. Getting onstage out of airplanes Ė like "Born in the USA."

Art Brut will play the HUB Ballroom with the Hold Steady and the Blood Arm on November 4.

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