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Show Preview: Art Brut – March 25, 2006 – Neumos
by Katie Sauro

“Look at us! We formed a band!” Eddie Argos proclaims in a song from their latest release, entitled (what else?) “Formed a Band.” Yes, Eddie, yes you did. And a damn good one at that.

Argos, lead vocalist for U.K.-based five-piece Art Brut, is a quirky, thick-eyebrowed gent whose stage presence alone is worth the price of admission—he squeals, he shouts, he entertains, he is the ultimate frontman. True, it may be Argos that first draws the crowd, but it’s the chaotic energy and the punk swagger created by the band as a whole that has won them fans and critical praise worldwide.

Their first full-length,
Bang Bang Rock & Roll (ultimately a collection of re-recorded versions of their previous singles and demos) was released last year to much anticipation, and they are making their second trip across the pond in as many years in support of it, including dates at SXSW. Art Brut creates fun songs with fast rhythms and a Brit-punk influence, all underlying Argos’ biting vocals that can easily switch off between a Mick Jones-flavored baritone, intermittent yelps, and even the occasional spoken-word interlude, never missing a beat. 

Art Brut is noted for the incredible shows they put on and for their dynamism on stage, and it is with great confidence that I say theirs is a performance not to be missed.

Essential Info.
The Venue: Neumos
The Support: Serena Maneesh, Gil Mantera’s Party Dream
The Date: March 25
The Time: 8pm (doors)
The Price: $10 advance, $12 day of show
The Catch: 21+, Limited ALL AGES Section