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editor's note
Art Brut
September 30, 2006 - Henry Fonda Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
by Ashley Graham

I’ve never quite been able to measure how much I don’t give a shit about Art Brut. Their album left me feeling “blah” and I haven’t been able to get over it. That said, I think I might just have made the switch to being a total fan.


You know how most punk bands leave you feeling empty on their recordings but could pretty much convert you to any style of religion, way of life, cult, etc. during their live set? This is Art Brut. There is a wonder and charisma to this band on the stage that is nearly nonexistent on their disc (or in their stuffy press shots, for that matter). The main reason for this is front man Eddie Argos. The guy is unbelievable. The difference between his singing voice and between-song commentary is nonexistent (as he says in the band’s signature “Formed a Band,” (“And yes, this is my singing voice/It’s not irony“), and yet he is absolutely enrapturing. It’s hard to take eyes off of him. The guy is homely, too, and, while he never becomes less homely, you completely start to fall in love with him. He seems normal in his plaid button up and his unibrow and floppy hair, and his shitty voice and his world-weary lyrics. He’s likeable, and so is his band of high-school-misfit backing musicians that he’s constantly turning to and saying things like “Are we ready Art Brut?” (though his “are” sounds like “aw,” for the record).

So I’ll burn my copy of
Bang Bang Rock ‘N’ Roll (like, you know, with flames) now so it doesn’t kill my buzz, and just plan to see Art Brut pretty much every time they come my way. I suggest you do the same. Safe investment.

(Yes, the band is on tour with We Are Scientists. I didn’t stay for them, despite my never-ending appreciation for their website.)

Art Brut and We Are Scientists play Seattle on October 7!

Essential Info.
The Venue: Neumo’s
The Support: The Spinto Band
The Date: October 7
The Time: 8pm doors
The Price: $13