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Black Lips
February 4, 2008 - Neumo’s - Seattle, WA
by Nate Manning
Are Black Lips the coolest underground rock band around? Maybe, maybe not. The crowd at Neumo’s on a MONDAY night however would lead one to believe the former. Black Lips have described their music as “Flower Punk” and if you think about what that might entail, the label fits—high energy, psychedelic loops, fuzzed out guitar riffs, 60’s pop arrangements, and spot on drumming—all while feeling a little like the wheels might fall off any second. Of course they don’t, and the boys are in control of this psychedelic freak out from start to finish. But it feels like you are in on something—a secret show in a neighbor’s basement where the coolest band has somehow found themselves and everyone in the crowd whips themselves into a frenzy until the last droning notes of feedback are done. A few attendees are expecting the on stage antics that have been written about ad nauseum—peeing, vomiting, making out, etc, etc, etc. There’s none of that, and there doesn’t need to be. Black Lips have said themselves that they did that when they were just teenagers and didn’t know how to play that well.

At the end of the set I asked the Capitol Hill hipsters next to me "What’d you think?" "Rowdy," they said. "Yeah, really fuckin’ rowdy." I agree completely. Rowdy it definitely was.

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