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editor's note
Blowfly's Punk Rock Party
(Alternative Tentacles)
by Betsy Ellison

Blowfly seems like he should be some sort of gimmick: he's a 61 year old man whose raps are so lewd that Howard Stern would blush. However, Clarence Reid, the man behind the Blowfly persona, is so talented that it works--R&B songs that he wrote in the 60s and the 70s have been sampled by Beyonce, DMX, and Jurassic 5, among others, and he's often said to have recorded the first rap song in history. The album is filled with original songs and perverted parodies of punk classics, including songs by The Clash and The Dead Kennedys. It is slightly disturbing to hear a song debating whether or not one should have sex with a "big fat ho" to the tune of "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" but the song is done well enough that makes it funny as opposed to sleazy.

I'm pretty sure this album is the reason Tipper Gore founded the Parents Music Resource Center in the '80s. I mean, Prince's "Darling Nikki" pales in comparison to any song on this album. The album is funny though, and that's what makes it good. It isn't perverted for perversion's sake, it's perverted for humor's sake. This isn't an album you'd want to listen to in front of kids or your parents or grandparents (unless, of course, you're from a family that bonds over back issues of Hustler magazine), but if you don't mind hearing senior citizens rap about beastiality and masturbation, and you find humor in such situations, you might be interested in this album.