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The Boy Least Likely To
The Best Party Ever
by Betsy Ellison

British duo The Boy Least Likely To, compromised of Pete Hobbs and Jaf Owen, has been compared by many to Belle and Sebastian. This comparison isnít far off, but comparing them to anyone takes away from their own particular sound. Their debut album,
The Best Party Ever, has a very summer-y, childlike sound. The overwhelming theme of this album is fear; fear of dying, fear of growing old and fear of change. It seems to take the insecurities everyone has and make them poppy and danceable--which is a great achievement.

Songs like "Hugging My Grudge" have a way of making even the most depressing lyrics happy. Lyrics like "I donít even think Iíll be happy unless Iím happy," arenít the most positive of thoughts, yet the melodies and music surrounding them are pure pop bliss. While most of the songs on this album are great, there are a few downsides. "Sleeping With A Gun Under My Pillow" seems to be ill-fitting on an otherwise fast-paced pop album, and "My Tiger My Heart," while having decent enough lyrics, isnít catchy and is almost boring to listen to. The final song on the album, "God Takes Care of the Little Things," is a very short, non-entity of a song, with no particular purpose on the album. But all in all, this is a very good album. A few missteps donít override the otherwise overwhelming brilliance.