Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/The Rapture
April 12, 2004 - The Quest Club - Minneapolis, Minnesota
review by Julia
To be summed up in a word: amazing.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club sure know how to play a live show.  Double frontmen Robert Turner and Peter Hayes dominate on opposite sides of the stage, both accurate stage performers, captivating with simply their words and their music.  They set the room alive with their explosive dark-themed rock and insightful slightly wailed, lyrics.  They played a good mix from their first album (self titled) and their newest, "Take Them On, On Your Own." The highlight of the set was their fast-paced "Whatever Happened to my Rock 'n Roll?"

The Rapture, co-headlining, also put on an amazing show.  At first one might be apprehensive, but The Rapture play their music to perfection and know how to include the crowd.  Singer Luke Jenner shows amazing connection with the audience, enlisting help with clapping a beat, singing an echo and so on.  It's impossible to pick a best moment from their set because all of it was great. Stage antics included tracing large hearts in the air, dancing around, high-fiving bandmates, and much interaction with the audience up on the barrier to hold them back.  The band and stage show is pulled together by cowbell artist/saxophonist/keyboardist Gabe Andruzzi, with his strange dance moves and backup melodies and harmonies.

Both of these bands are fantastic and fun live. Go ready to rock, and then get ready to dance.
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