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Be Your Own Pet/Whirlwind Heat
June 30, 2006 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
by Katie Sauro

For all intensive purposes, I shouldnít like Be Your Own Pet.†The annoying blonde frontwoman convulses and seizes her way through an over-the-top impersonation of Karen O. and there is no concept behind the ďart rockĒ exploding from the speakersóit just sounds like noise.†The band isnít that talented, but the kids in the crowd donít know the difference, and you know what?†IT DOESNíT MATTER.†

Despite little talent and cringe-inducing stage antics, the four teenagers put on a fun set, full of unbelievable energy and punk-heavy anthems.†And despite my better judgment, I inexplicably liked them.†Go figure.

The same, Iím sorry to say, cannot be said of Whirlwind Heat.†The band was awesome, especially the drummer, but the lead singerís hysterical impression of what he thinks an indie frontman does took away from the whole band.†His series of jumps, kicks, and even a handstand at one point, along with spastic dancing, standing on speakers, and lying prostrate on the floor serenading the young girls, was just fucking lame.†Part way through their set, another equally lame guy came out on stage and danced, too.†I didnít quite get that, but whatever.†

Whirlwind Heat has a talented band, and the drum and bass (and occasional keyboard) made for an interesting dynamic, but in order for them to be taken seriously, they need to find a new frontman.†