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editor's note
Cake on Cake
I Guess I was Daydreaming
(Desolation Records)
by Sara Huguenard

Every once in a while there is that random, quirky album that defies the odds and hits some nerve with the American buying public. If I were to gamble, and if all of the planets aligned bringing the critical elements in place for that phenomena to occur (i.e. major label distribution and progressive radio DJ’s who would actually play the thing a couple of times), I sincerely believe that
I Guess I was Daydreaming would be one of those albums. Sorely, without word of mouth buzz (hint, hint), this may never happen. 

Reasons why I would normally never buy an album like this:
1. Everything is very basic--the drum programming, the lyrics (after all she is Swedish and as such, English is probably a second language to her), and even the melodies.
2. Chick singer--okay, I know it’s my problem and I am in therapy for it--but I will admit, female artists have to be really good or really unique to get my attention (probably thanks to all of those talentless pop “tarts” that have come and gone over the years). So that alone is a true testament to the talent.
3. It can venture dangerously close to syrupy at times.
Why it works where so many don’t:
1. Helena Sundin is classically trained and it comes through in her compositions. Basic as the melodies may be, their symphonic strength almost tones down that overly sweet feeling so the end product is still incredibly strong--something akin to The Eels’ “I Need Some Sleep” or “Spirit Ditch” from Sparklehorse, but with a feminine voice.
2. The arrangements are soulful and unique. While the music almost dares you to turn it off to find something more intense, it isn’t long before you find yourself sucked in--waiting to see what the next verse holds.
So I am relying on you, dear reader, to help provide that integral component and help a very talented artist get the recognition they deserve. It will only take one listen. You will not be able to deny that that so rare je ne sais quoi is there.

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