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editor's note
Chris and Mollie
The Palm Tree
by Nicholas Hubbard

Chris and Mollie know how to wake you up just when everything in your minds still weird. Give me a Southern California morning with some funky blinds to mess with the light and I promise I will spend the whole day listening to
The Palm Tree. Who cares who thinks were nuts (even if its us?) NO! Especially if its us . . . I cant promise Ill be in a good mood when Im done. It gets in your head the way sand gets in your ears and between your toes. Their claustrophobic little score is like the enticing lovechild of a long weekend in a cheap motel room. It is exhaustingly crafted from what feel like seashells breaking on shag carpet: sometimes sharp, most often stunning. 

There seems to be no structure (oh the time changes, they sting! in a good way) except the unnerving throws that romance puts you through from daybreak until dusk. This is both the appeal and the potential turn-off of The Palm Tree. Its a story but youve got to be a little twisted to enjoy it (imagine boy-meets-girl filtered through several episodes of PeeWees Playhouse). Cast aside the inevitable Mates of State comparisons; with Chris on guitar and Mollie on drums they are able to be gentle, abrasive and playful in their own breezy fashion.

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