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Show Preview: Controller.Controller - March 7 @ The Funhouse
by Ashley Graham

Though the Funhouse still remains to me in large part a mystery, the spunky, punky dance rock band Controller.Controller that will take over its floors on March 7 no longer is. The band’s debut disc
X-Amounts lands in stores the same day, and will no doubt sell a few copies at the show once audience members get a taste of what this band has to offer. Throbbing basslines, disco beats and hauntingly morose vocals highlight Controller.Controller’s contribution to the new wave of old time dance music, which puts the band in the ranks of others currently following suit, like Louisville, Kentucky’s VHS or Beta, with whom they’ve shared the stage. Controller’s also managed a few other tour spotlight moments—from dates with Death From Above 1979 and The Organ, to opening for Franz Ferdinand. Now the band takes headlining position for select dates along the west coast, starting in Seattle and ending in Tucson, AZ on March 14 (and playing with Wig favorite Scissors for Lefty in San Francisco on March 11 at Popscene!).

Essential Info.
The Venue: The Funhouse, 206 5th Ave N.
The Support: Neutralboy, Hillstreet Stranglers, Uninvited
The Date: March 7
The Time: 9:30pm
The Price: $5
The Catch: 21+