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Coretta Scott
October 21, 2005 – The Catwalk – Seattle, WA
by Melissa Mueller

On first appearance, Coretta Scott may seem like your average scenester band. 5 hot boys donned with black eyeliner and black attire.

But the band is more unique than what meets the eye. Besides creating a dedicated fanbase for themselves in Washington, most notably in their home city of Spokane, the self-described "powerpop/rock" quintet has a very distinct sound, particularly in their vocalist Seth Woodward. From the soulful longing vocals in "Bad Days" to more angst-ridden (and yes, even whiny) vocals in "Poison Apple," Woodward has the ability to shift gears in his vocals as each song allows.

Not surprisingly, the band had no trouble packing in a large lady audience. But all looks aside, the crowd eagerly showed their appreciation in more ways than one. Amidst all the female appreciation and shouts of "I want to have sex with you!" the band humbly focused on their music and never missed a note. And while The Catwalk doesn’t quite have other things going for it as a venue, such as the intimacy of Neumo’s or the punk-rock feel of El Corazon, nevertheless Coretta Scott made good use of their space.

While they may look like typical rock stars, Coretta Scott certainly doesn’t live up to that stereotype. They clearly appreciate all of their fans, thanking everyone numerous times for coming out, and by the looks of their upcoming shows, they are dedicated to playing in their home state and also further expanding their horizons.

If you missed Coretta Scott this time around, you are in luck. The band is playing some more shows in the Seattle area. They will be playing in Spokane at Fat Tuesdays on Dec. 10 for the Eastern Washington folks, and for the Seattle-ites don’t miss their El Corazon show with Aiden on Dec 17. The band will then be showing their hometown some more love when they return to Spokane on New Years Eve, playing at First Night Spokane.

For information on Coretta Scott is available at their website,