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Coretta Scott / Seaweed Jack / Fine For Now
June 30, 2006 - Fat Tuesday’s - Spokane, WA
by Ashley Graham

If we can use the term “Spokane Rock Royalty” loosely enough for it to still hold some weight, then it is indeed just that that graced the stage at Fat Tuesday’s last big hurrah. Let’s face it, it’s fucking tricky to get anything going in Spokane, let alone for it to actually be good. It’s too easy to make the claim that Spokane breeds shitty bands because the kids don’t know the good stuff is out there--the internet’s dispelled all excuses for lameness. It might also be unfair to say that Spokane is only breeding shitty bands, because a couple of them are actually on the border of not being shitty at all (HA!), but wait, then as soon as things like this get said, a shitty band pops up. Luckily, two worthwhiles sandwiched them in for a night of general worthwhileness.

Urrrch, back to the bad. When bands like Fine For Now still pop up in moderately sized venues, it’s hard not to be thinking a tad or two on the dumbfounded side. There’s energy there, and the band probably works hard to do what they are doing (all bands have to at least indulge in this somewhat--the problem with bands is rarely that they seem in disarray, after all), and they seem to fucking love it… but let’s just be honest and call shit, shit, eh?

Okay, done. Now, Coretta Scott. There are weaknesses under my belt (HA! PUN!) for some of the pop-punkers, it’s true. Plain White T’s, The Academy Is, and others can get the toes tapping. It’s easy to hate Coretta Scott--their clothes are strategic, they wear lots of belts, lots of eyeliner, lots of hairspray. They seem to have a little bit of attitude, too. But it’s also impossible to deny their love of the game. As they set up their equipment, each of the four members can be seen dancing ridiculously on stage. Ego? Maybe, but being given in a stupidly charming way. Newly-crowned lead singer Josh Albright is on stage during nearly all of the set up process, despite the fact that he has only his microphone to “set.” He’s too busy mingling with the crowd, helping out his fellow bandmates, and dancing, again, ridiculously, around to be bothered by the fact that he could be backstage not doing any of these activities.

Spokane lore would tell us that the reason everyone hates Coretta Scott is twofold. One, the hair. And, two, former lead singer Seth Woodward. So, perhaps we can forgive the hair now that Woodward is gone, and appreciate Coretta Scott for what they are? After all, what they ARE are hard working, dedicated little Spokanites who are putting the city on the musical map better than any other band currently making touring rounds (oh wait! they are the only Spokane band making the touring rounds--all the more reason for praise).

Onward. If this were a print publication, this could now say something cool about how much ink has been used up gushing over Seaweed Jack in the past nine months. It could be supposed, though, that, like, some sort of byte-age has been used, or something, but that’s not very exciting. Regardless, the love is obvious. Instead of more gushing (that’ll come in a couple weeks in the post-July 13 show, post-Spokane stay wrap-up/sob story), I, we, The Wig, really, would like to dedicate a song to Seaweed Jack, as a group, as individuals, as boys, as men, as friends. Here’s to you. (Give it a minute, we think you’ll recognize it…)

There was a time
I was everything and nothing all in one
When you found me
I was feeling like a cloud across the sun

I need to tell you
How you light up every second of the day
But in the moonlight
You just shine like a beacon on the bay

And I can't explain
But it's something about the way you look tonight
Takes my breath away

It's that feeling I get about you, deep inside
And I can't describe
But it's something about the way you look tonight
Takes my breath away
The way you look tonight

With a smile
You pull the deepest secrets from my heart
In all honesty
I'm speechless and I don't know where to start

That said, I’m pretty sure they might benefit from hairspray and eyeliner, though, because the little girls seemed to like those girly Coretta Scott boys a lot more. More belts on Anthony, skinny jeans on Geoff with a dye-job and spray on both Brian and Jack? Yeahhhhh.

(Just kidding, we'd disown you all, forever.)

More info. on the talents of Spokane and it’s alleged “Rock Royalty,” you say? Surely. (WHOOPS JUST KIDDING, hehehehehe).,