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editor's note
Daytime Volume
The Day We Transposed
(Expunged Records)
by Adam Toth

Listening to Jared Meyers’ voice is sure to relax you. And if it doesn’t relax you, the music behind it definitely will. Meyers, the front man of Daytime Volume rarely stresses his vocals, screeches with pain, or shouts with anger. Throughout mostly every second of
The Day We Transposed, he stays calm and composed; he lets his words escape like poetry. Meyers chooses to not convey his feelings through his pitch, but the writing itself. For a couple of songs, most noticeably “Trouble Beyond the Fence,” I felt like I was listening to Simon and Garfunkel. If I were making a movie, I’d love to have Daytime Volume on my soundtrack.

Daytime Volume has a pretty consistent sound, but best of all,with their consistency, they manage to abandon repetition. The songs all share similarity in their rhythm and delivery, but instead of sounding like one forty minute song, they create a beautiful loop of fine flowing music. Each song is lyrically heavy, and relies on the poetic writing of Meyers. The sound is mainly comprised of an acoustic guitar, but drums, bass, etc. are present as well. Daytime Volume is definitely not the band to listen to as your study a textbook because you’ll be reading the lyrics instead of concentrating on the text. You’ll wake up the next morning realizing that while your eyes did glaze over the words, the words you were thinking about were from a completely different source. Some bands are driven by an outstanding musician; Daytime Volume is driven by an outstanding vocalist.

For any indie or acoustic fan, I highly recommend this album. The sound is smooth, vocally driven, and an example of truly talented songwriting. If you’re looking for a thrashing of instruments or electronic-pop keyboarding, then this is definitely not the band to turn to. But if you’d like a collection of well written acoustical poetic lyrics, give
The Day We Transposed a try; for what it is, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

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