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The Dead Betties
Summer of ‘93
by Betsy Ellison

The Dead Betties sound like the music that the hardcore punk rock boys I loved in high school would listen to—dirty, angry, and sexy. The Brooklyn-based trio have been compared favorably to Sonic Youth and Hole, and though they might have a bit in common with those bands, their music still sounds fresh. Summer of ‘93 starts off pretty hardcore with the opener “Laid,“ but gets more and more melodic as the album goes on. The title track is the best song on the album by far, but the bulk of the CD is enjoyable.

The only weakness on the album is the vocals, which get a bit grating after awhile. In small doses it works, but listening constantly may result in some annoyance. The album is full of energy and passion and I can only imagine how good the band must be live, if the CD is this strong.