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editor's note
Cast Out Devils
by Jericho Brown

Quirky, spunky, fun and rollicking,
Cast Out Devils is a party disc! Imagine an album where System of a Down took a great deal of Lithium, found religion and had actual musical talent. This is pretty close to Cast Out Devils.

The music is retro with a driving beat. It's a carpet bombing of New Wave, Punk, Electronica and, yes, Disco. Most of the lyrics make no sense, but that really doesn't matter. They are still catchy. You'll be humming this stuff to yourself for weeks.

There are some religious overtones on a few tracks. A read of the band's bio will tell you that Detholz! (Death Holes) formed in reaction to their heavy-handed religious upbringing. As a recovering Catholic from the same part of the world as the band, your reviewer found these references refreshing and hella fun. Whatever your leanings, this album is about the party. We're all invited!

The first three tracks on the CD carry the whole disc. Track two, "Club Oslo," is a disco classic that never was. This is followed on the next track by cool, hip and groovy "Spectacula" - the song is as fun as it sounds.

Grab this album. When Detholz! are in heavy rotation on MTV, you can say you have been a fan for years.