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Diesel-U-Music Compilation
Various Artists
by Ashley Graham

Without even listening to this disc you should be able to tell its contents are something to take note of.  Diesel-U-Music puts together a shortened list of their nominees into a track listing of solid favorites in their four categories: rock, dance, hip-hop/soul and unsigned.

Tracks one and two should garner the most attention. One is a highlight on New York City quartet Robbers on High Street’s debut album
Tree City, “Japanese Girls.” I’ve spent plenty of time spilling various ga-ga comments over these guys, but, as you should well know already, it’s justified. Tree City is by far a favorite disc of this year and “Japanese Girls” pops off of Diesel’s disc as one of the best.

“Lost in the Plot” by Morrissey-approved The Dears takes a mellower tone at track two.  The possibility of this band being endorsed by Mr. Morrissey for the shear fact that they seem to aim at music after the heart of his The Smiths seems, well, more than just a possibility. “Plot” reflects this comparison, but it’s a strong track from a band already proving themselves on their albums and at their many live shows.

And there are many other tracks that leap out of the speakers on this compilation; The Books’ “Be Good to the Always,” Inouk’s “No Danger,” a crazy-fun remake of “Give Me the Night” from Xavier and a gem by unsigned band The Changes entitled “When I Wake.”

The Diesel-U-Music Awards may have already come and gone but this collection serves as a great indicator of what is just beginning in music.

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