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editor's note
Dirty on Purpose
Hallelujah Sirens
(North Street)
by Melissa Mueller

If you're the kind of person that think a lot of "indie" artists out there sound so much alike that they're practically the same band (admittedly I am one of those people) then you might think differently upon first listen to Brooklyn "indie rock darling" Dirty on Purpose's latest and first full-length release,
Hallelujah Sirens. The first track, and notably the best, "No Radio" opens up with trombones and saxophones adding flavor to the otherwise low-key indie style. Sure, the lead vocalistsí, (3 of them) Doug Marvin, Joseph Jurewicz, and George Wilson, voices are barely audible but the pleasant, surprising appearance of horns was refreshing.

Disappointedly, the album proves to be less promising the further it plays. The band drops the horns for the most part, albeit adding a violin and female vocalist Jaymay for avant garde track "Lake Effect," almost reminiscent of The Postal Service.

Self-described as "conductors of their own orchestra" the band's musical talent seems drowned out by the lackluster, ethereal vocals that blend into long, drawn-out run on sentences. And while the female vocalist is a nice touch in the otherwise male-dominated group, it's almost as if all the vocals blend into each other until they're practically indistinct from one another.

While a valiant full-length effort, ultimately
Hallelujah Sirens is full of space-rock ballads that will put you to sleep. Fans of M.Ward or Asobi Seksu however, may enjoy their melodic guitars. The band is currently on tour throughout the country and will pop into Seattle on November 16 at Chop Suey. Check out their myspace: