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Division Day / Peter Walker
December 5, 2006 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
by Melissa Mueller

Prior to the Division Day/Peter Walker show at El Corazon on December 5, I admittedly was not expecting too much from Peter Walker. Sure, I checked out his MySpace beforehand and listened to some of his songs, like the catchy and upbeat "What Do I Know." But I was much more excited to catch Southern California's quartet Division Day. I was surprisingly impressed by Walker's performance. Granted, his on stage presence is quite different from Division Day's brash, animated, in-your-face aura. But the more he played, the more I warmed up to his melodic voice.

The crowd was slightly disappointing, with probably no more than 35 people in attendance. But what can you expect from a Tuesday night show? And to give credit where credit is due, both bands made the best of it and played a pretty damn good show.

Division Day describe themselves as natural born performers that "emphasize infectious, visceral enthusiasm, an out and out joy for making music." That was evident at this show, as they genuinely enjoyed playing each and every one of their songs, even with a bare audience. Churning through songs like the contagious "Tigers" and my personal favorite "Tap Tap Click Click" (I'm no drummer, but whatever Kevin Lenhart does in that song is seriously astounding and oh-so memorable), they solicited any kind of excitement from the crowd, only to get the standard response of cheers and clapping.

(Not to go on a mini-rant here, but Seattle seems full of kids that are too cool to dance or show any kind of emotion other than head-bopping and swaying. Granted, sometimes that's appropriate, i.e. Peter Walker, but when Division Day was playing, I was probably the only one really rocking out. Shame on you Seattle scene kids!)

Then there was Walker, who was so shy that I felt embarrassed that he had to play for these jaded Seattle kids. But as his performance went on, he warmed up to the crowd a bit. Peter has that lethal combination of good looks and soothing vocal chords, and even I was starting to get of my shell and really get into it. The highlight of his set was "Talk to You," a more upbeat song that is destined to be a radio single. Unfortunately, what this performance did not showcase was Walker's songwriting abilities. If you get a chance, google some of his lyrics and read them along with listening to his songs. You'll find them surprisingly much darker than his songs.

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