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Dmonstrations / Mika Miko
November  17, 2006 - The Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA
by Ashley Graham

A lo-hohhhhhhh-t was made of the reunion of the Slits, and what’d I do? Went to see the two opening bands and then skipped (or maybe just walked) up to the Viper Room for the Scissors for Lefty babies. For shame. Luckily the music preceding the punk legends was enough to leave the night satisfied.

Mika Miko is a gang of five ladies from LA who scream and shout s’loud it engulfs you. The exchange between vocalists Jenna Thornhill and Jessie Clavin is so overwhelming you nearly forget to even watch how awesome the other gals are. Then Thornhill picks up the sax, Clavin yells through her red telephone and you’re pretty sure you’ve made it to some sort of young punk heaven. The first time I saw Mika Miko I went home and listened to Le Tigre’s self-titled. This time I went home and cursed myself for sending Mika Miko to
Melissa, and popped in some Plot and cried.

Dmostrations have been on my radar for the past few weeks as I’ve been repeating things like “It’s Beep Beep if Chris Hughes had grown up in San Diego!!” excitedly. Their performance was marred by the absolutely blinding lights happening above them (I caught myself looking at the floor one more than one occasion, in fact). Their spastic, frantic, punk-flavored (and apparently Midwestern-flavored too) dance tones remained intact, with all three of the fellas completely blowing me away with their energy. A little friendlier (but maybe they had light annoyance too), and a better reception and no lame lights, and Dmonstrations will totally have me.

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