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editor's note
Dodd Michael Lede
Sophomore Jinx
by Karla Ash

Actually sounding less country than you’d expect from someone who counts Willie Nelson as one of his influences, Houston, Texas’ Dodd Michael Lede writes FM-friendly acoustic rock with a sharp ear for toe-tapping melodies and a finely-tuned sense of personal songwriting. Lede writes songs that  are fairly deep but not enough that the masses wouldn’t understand. Far better than the likes of Matchbox 20 and Train which he also name-drops as inspirations, Lede is a promising young talent who is nearly there.

While there’s still room for improvement, Lede sounds almost fully developed. The best tracks on the CD are the ones wherein his songs tell a good story, such as “Man on a Chain,” about a friend who lives merely for his wife, completely immobile in a relationship where his actions are directed by his significant other. We find that the protagonist also dated this woman, dodging a particularly painful bullet. It’s a pretty dark tale with no happy ending other than the fact that the singer didn’t end up with her.

Unhappy or not, Lede’s tunes are given shiny studio gloss, making even the most bitter of pills delicious to swallow.

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