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Dropping Daylight
Brace Yourself
by Betsy Ellison

Detroit Pistons star Rasheed Wallace is notorious for, amongst other things, answering every question asked at a post game press conference with the phrase "both teams played hard." That's how I feel about reviewing CDs sometimes-- all of the musicians played hard. They tried. They put forth their best effort and wrote the best songs that they could and believed in what they were doing. Yet, sometimes that's not good enough. This is one of those times. There is nothing on this album that I haven't heard before, and many times at that. It's funny, because, according to their press release, they formed (under a different name) because they were disillusioned by what they heard on the airwaves, yet they still managed to put out something so derivative. Dropping Daylight has managed to snag a spot on this year's Warped Tour, and have played with such bands as Lucky Boy's Confusion, Yellowcard, Motion City Soundtrack, and Simple Plan. They were spotlighted on MTV's "You Heard it First" feature in 2005, and they'll probably be at least moderately successful. And good for them, because while their music might be trite, they played hard.