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Early Man
Closing In
by Chris Mulally

This album is worth the money, especially for the Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, early Metallica-era thick guitar and two part harmonies. Mike, Conte, singer, who uses a 73 Gibson SG and White ’84 Jackson Randy Rhodes Flying V for his wrenching melodies, achieves distortion the natural way, by turning up too loud and cranking through some massive amps.

Adam Bennati, drummer, plays a five piece that weighs over 500 pounds, although the true weight of his hammers doesn’t come through on the album. This album from the two Columbus, Ohio boys is all about guitar.

The two are no stranger to fame. They first started making a name for themselves in a Minor Threat cover band. Conte is the kind of guy who cures his hangovers by a Budweiser. The kind of guy who calls waking up at 2 p.m. a little too early.

Signed to Matador, the two piece have now added a second guitarist, and have been touring with TurboNegro since the fall. They are also recruiting a permanent bass player, although Conte recorded the bass for
Closing In. On the album, the hair of dog opener “Four Walls” leads into the asphyxiating “War Eagle,” before Conte’s curdled Ozzy falsetto on “Death is the Answer” knocks the album out of the park.