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editor's note

Well, hello, itís 2008 and Iíve not updated the editorís note since July. Yikes.

July was huge. July saw the break-up of, by and large, the Wigís absolute favorite band, Seaweed Jack. And itís interesting looking back on that now, because I was just speaking to a friend the other day about what Seaweed Jack really had meant to me. Seaweed Jack was the first band I was ever drawn to working with. Seaweed Jack was something that came out of nowhere in my life, and changed it. And thatís weird to say, and probably would be weird for any of its members to hear as well, but it changed the course of the Wig.

Whatís fitting about this is that the Wig is approaching 4 years of existence, and as you might have noticed, itís been in the midst of another transition. In the last year since launching WIGPR, the website portion of the Wig has taken a back seat to the budding PR biz. I donít regret that. I worked hard on the Wig for three years, and finally having some writers who can cover the bases for me has been phenomenal (special thanks to Katie, Nick and Adam!). It could have been updated more, and it could have included more, but by all accounts, I think weíve done alright. And weíll continue to do so.

In 4 years, the Wig has forged some wonderful relationships. Weíve thrown a bunch of wonderful shows (some more in quality than attendance!). Iíve met amazing people, Iíve become friends with amazing people, and Iíve found out that, while sometimes a little scary, doing things on your own can be pretty much awesome. The Wig started as a creative outlet, and itís only become more important to me since this time 4 years ago.

From seeing SHIM rock the Crocodile on April 21, 2005 after having never even heard of them, to working with them, seeing them grow, and considering them extended family members today. From ripping Matthew Winters a new one in June of Ď07, to haviní him sleep on my couch in March of Ď08. From witnessing the beginnings of what was sure to be magic with the Blakes at hole-in-the-wall Seattle venues, to seeing that magic travel the world for all others to see. From one of the most awkward nights of music Iíve ever attended at a little place in Spokane called Rock Coffee, to finding a true kindred spirit in the fella runniní it, the ever-amazing and inspiring Patrick Kendrick. From pitchiní Spokane a little shit in a Spokesman Review-via-MySpace diatribe, and having it bring out the absolute worst (Smile Line Spark) and best (KAYLEE COLE) in people. From droppiní a friendly line to local label Donít Stop Believiní Records offering free PR skillz, to scheduling photo shoots with
the Advocate for Team Gina. And from meeting a group of Gonzaga boys on the porch of their home on the hottest day of the year, to knowing some of the best people, and friends, I will ever know in my life.

The Wig has done a lot, and it has done a lot for me, and it continues to
mean so much.
Happy Birthday, Wig.

Please join us in celebrating these 4 years with, yep, 4 shows:
MARCH 27 @ The Comet - BLACKIE (Blondie Tribute!) / Paris Spleen / Mistress & the Misters / Oh Man!
MARCH 28 @ The High Dive - SHIM / Das Llamas / Birdmonster / Hockey
MARCH 29 @ The Blvd (all ages!) - CYRUS FELL DOWN / Birdmonster / Shim / Das Llamas
MARCH 29 @ The Blvd (21+) - HOCKEY / Shim / Birdmonster / Das Llamas

love love love,

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