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December 5, 2005

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already noticed the changes that have been happening here at The Wig. Late night collaborations are always fun, and one in particular on December 4 inspired the new look. Occasional contributor Adam Line created our new banner and the rest of the site seemed to decide to follow suit. Yes, we’ve gone pink. And yes, the Aerosmith tune has been spinning from my stereo all day as a result.

There are a number of new features going on around here, but a couple I would point out in particular give attention to the local musicians and music events in the Seattle area (and beyond, in some cases). First, our main page now gloriously features “The Latest from Local Artists,” something that I’ve wanted to include for quite some time. Here you’ll find album reviews done by Wig staffers, along with direct links to each band’s website to learn more about them. This will be a fabulous way to find out what is happening locally, and we hope you’ll take advantage. And, local bands, get those albums to us pronto!

Our buddies that were once featured in the “Links” section of the site can now be found under “Locals,” i.e. Adam Green’s head up there at the top. Here you’ll find our personal favorite local yokels from around the region, with links to their personal websites as well as MySpace pages for your listening ease. Some of these bands are absolute gems and you won’t want to miss out. We’ll be going to great lengths in the coming months to cover more local bands, so if you’re one of them, and/or you know of a great show coming up that we must cover, please please PLEASE drop an e-mail. It’s hard to keep track of all that is going on!

To give you a heads up of what we’re working on as far as concert coverage is concerned, you can find our tentative schedule under “Calendar,” marked at the top by the lovely Miss Mosshart’s, uhm, underarm area. We hope to soon include all the great shows we think you MUST see in the coming weeks, as we used to do back in the good old days of The Wig (does anyone remember those besides me?!). It’s a tricky task but it’s something we hope to take on, so check back sometime and maybe it will be up!

If you want to be the ultimate Wig lover and supporter, please feel free to check out “Help Out,” Sun-Rose Wagner, and drop me a line regarding your aspirations and talents in the department of promotion. It’s most helpful if you’re in the Seattle area, but dammit, if you’re anxious then we want you regardless of your location. And there might be a Wig button in it for you…

Until next time, thank you for reading. Your continued tolerance of our transitional period is always appreciated. Feel free to get in touch any time to let us know how you think we’re doing.

Happy Holidays!

Editor, The Wig Fits All Heads

p.s. Oh, and for those who are dying to know (sorry!), here is the sequence: Blake Miller – Moving Units, Andrea Zollo – Pretty Girls Make Graves, Adele Bethel – Sons and Daughters, Jamie Williams – Tilly and the Wall, Maja Ivarsson – The Sounds, Nick Valensi – The Strokes, Ben Trokan – Robbers on High Street, Adam Green, Alison Mosshart – The Kills, Sun-Rose Wagner – The Raveonettes, Scott Paterson – Sons and Daughters, and Hutch Harris – The Thermals.