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editor's note
February 5, 2006

February ushers in a new era at The Wig. In the past year and a half we’ve spent many-a-hour interviewing musicians and reviewing their handiwork. But there’s always been one problem—it’s always after the fact. We like to glamorize ourselves by doing the in-person interviews when bands are swinging through town, but what good does that do you? You’re caught reading about someone exciting that you can virtually do nothing about (save purchasing the albums, which, of course, is great). By this I mean, the show is over, the musicians have left town and the excitement is only mildly transferable. The same goes for show reviews—it’s nice to know, but, really, why do you want to hear about something that’s done and never going to happen in exactly the same way ever again?

I sound pessimistic. The simple truth of the matter, though, is that I want to be able to provide you with, not only the information about these amazing musicians, but ample opportunity to check them out. And so, I, and my Wig compatriots present to you something that will increase our importance in your lives and help us better deserve that glorious bookmark you’ve made in your respective internet browsers… show previews.

It is my hope that each week will feature a new artist, or artists, that are performing in the Seattle area sometime during that week. For our first week of February, those two artists are electro-poppers Koufax, and San Diego screamers Some Girls. Read about these bands, figure out what they’re about, listen to them on their websites, and go see their shows.

February also brings features on OK Go, two gallants and Test Icicles, as well as CD reviews including Rocky Votolato, The Elected, Taylor Hollingsworth and Film School. And we’ll try to keep up with all those regular show review and photo duties too.

The Wigsters are all very excited about this new feature, and with its addition to our normal roster we hope you’ll keep finding new and amazing things here that you love—even if it’s just us!

Happy February… and happy reading.

Editor, The Wig Fits All Heads

p.s. Details are forthcoming on our March 9 show at the Comet Tavern! Please stay tuned for more info!