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editor's note
January 7, 2006

Another year comes about, and then five days into it I see a show that I know will be the best one of the year. Damn, that’s frustrating… and yet still completely amazing. For those in close contact with me and my oft-disgruntled outlook on new music/concerts, it will come as no surprise that they rarely hold much excitement anymore (though I understand that, as the editor of this website, and a regular writer and reviewer for a couple publications, this is a little surprising in general).

But then The Strokes released
First Impressions of Earth.

Yes, that was me at Easy Street at midnight purchasing the disc on the 3rd. Yes, that was me trying to win tickets on The End all morning of the 3rd. Yes, that was me shrieking when I won them at 2pm. Yes, that was me jumping around the next two days, accomplishing nothing. Yes, that was me crammed into the front row at The Crocodile Café singing along to every word. Yes, that was me, sweaty and exhausted, wandering around aimlessly after the show.

Thank god for The Strokes.

Music has meant so little to me for so long—another CD to review, another show to attend, another article to write—but with one little 50-minute disc, with one 60-minute set, I have received the best reminder that it still can mean something… and still can mean more to me than most other things (among those; deadlines, graphic design and wet socks). And that’s what I’ve always been after—that one song that changes your life, that one band that means more to you than any other, that one show that shakes you to the core. For me the one band that counts in all three of these categories is The Strokes.

And at this stage, doing what I do and feeling how I do, I know that no band will ever mean this much to me. While not entirely responsible for my love of music, The Strokes are the reason I do what I do—they are why I started this website, they are why I wanted to write about bands, they are why I still get excited about music—and it’s amazing to know that such a thing can still exist. Does this mean that the excitement will carry over to other bands? No, and probably not. But, it’s there, it exists, and I’m reminded that I feel something again. And it feels wonderful.

That’s why I’m here. I want you to have access to those that mean something to you. I want to write about bands and artists that have inspired you. I want you to know what they have to say, I want you to know how they feel, I want to capture in words the experience of their live show. I want to include everyone’s The Strokes. And while this might be impossible, I do hope that in ways my wonderful staff and I have managed to appeal to some space of importance within you.

I wish you all the best in the New Year. Here is to music that makes us feel again and concerts that leave us speechless.

Editor, The Wig Fits All Heads

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