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editor's note

Holy crap it’s 2007.

The last time I wrote any sort of editor’s note was in October. And at that time I said the next time I’d probably update it would be February. Take that, October Ashley!

Here I am.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I took a few weeks off. The holidays are only fun if you can just really enjoy them, and trying to run things from back home in Spokane just wasn’t my idea of a good time. But we’re back now and there’s oh-so-much to look forward to in the new year. I’ll go ahead and spill my biggest announcement first. The Wig is celebrating its 3rd birthday this April 1, and in honor of that we’re beginning WIG BASH. Two days. Two cities. Five bands. All kinds of magic. Here’s the setup:

Friday, March 30 in Seattle @ The High Dive w/ ICEAGE COBRA, Shim, The Trucks, Seaweed Jack
Saturday, March 31 in Spokane (venue TBA) w/ SEAWEED JACK, Iceage Cobra, The Pharmacy, Shim

Calm down, I know. Mark your calendars.

As if that weren’t enough, if you’re one of our loyal MySpace devotees you might have noticed something new happenin’ with The Wig. We’ve launched our own indie PR firm. WIGpr is home to several loves of my musical life--Shim, Coretta Scott, Casy+Brian, The Pharmacy, Dashel Schueler, Your Heart Breaks and Team Gina. AMAZING. Right now I’m busy, busy, busy with these projects, so if you see me slacking on my writing here, that is most certainly why. Lucky for me I have an amazing team of folks working for The Wig right now that’ll help keep me propped up!

Other shows are certainly in the works. EERIE is taking the month of January off, but will return in February with a lineup of bands… soon to be determined…

Hope the new year finds you well. The Wig remains your loyal fan…