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July 2, 2006

Constant Limbo is The Wig's new nickname. Learn it, love it, live it.

What you've guessed is correct, The Wig is in serious transition mode. Your primary operators, myself (Ashley) and Katie, just graduated from college, y'see, and we're moving into adult life at a steady clip. Katie has settled into a fabulous job in Seattle, while I'm in a few weeks of limbo (there's that word again) in Spokane, WA before I make the big move to Los Angeles. So there it is.

What becomes of The Wig, you ask? We're going to continue as always. Remember back in the day when we weren't so focused on Seattle? We'll probably go back to that. While I love Seattle with all of my heart and soul, I don't think it's logical for me to expect myself to keep up with the hot shit happening at the Crocodile Cafe every night of the week. Right? So, we'll review the shows from our respective locales, we'll talk to cool people, and we'll still report on the good and the bad of the incoming disc mail.

We do have another Seattle show coming up! It'll be our first in a couple of months at that point, and we're fucking BEYOND excited for this shit. Our biggest show with our biggest lineup...

The Wig Fits All Presents:

From Monument to Masses
Unwed Sailor
Mars Accelerator

Sunday, August 13, 2006 @ El Corazon
8pm, 21+, $7

And what of my transition, you say? For all the knocks I give my hometown of Spokane, I'm having a fucking fantastic time here. It's refreshing to get out of any scene that you've become so tightly tied to, just to see what else is around (with that, it must be said I miss some of you Seattle bands so muchhh--Blakes, can you hear me?). Spokane's scene is intact. It's freaky and inconsistent, but it's intact. It's been nice seeing it here with the random folks I've been able to coerce into going along (you find after four years in a different city that your old friends are either huge fucking losers now, or they've moved, gotten married, had kids... in essence... just aren't as cool as you anymore--HA!). That said, my married, moved-away best friend is coming into town tonight and we get to have dinner and I couldn't be more overjoyed. Then, more shows this week! Crazy Spokane scene with all its shows!

As always, if you want to get involved with The Wig, now more than ever, we would love to have you. The bigger the family, the bigger the smiles. Drop me an email anytime.

We love you. And we will continue to be here... indefinitely.

Love from all of the Wigsters, and this one in particular...