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editor's note
October 29, 2006

Alright, so I haven't written anything in this space since July. That's a bit shameful, sure. In the past few months, we've had some amazing shows in Seattle! We've launched our monthly showcase, Iterative Rock Interaction, and we've gotten a slew of new writers! And now, even more is afoot in Wigland!

First of all--welcome the new Wigsters... Adam Toth, Christopher Patterson, Jericho Brown, Sara Huguenard, Melissa Stroh. We're also re-welcoming, in some sorts, Dagmar and Melissa back to the ranks, as we'd sadly drifted apart but are now much more happily back together!! Katie and I are very pleased to have new faces around--takes a lot of pressure off of us for all those weekly updates!

Since moving to LA, I've caught some amazing shows. The Long Winters and The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower back to back a couple weeks ago was probably the peak--followed closely by my beloved Two Gallants, The Strokes... well, shit, there's been a ton of great shows. The transition into music here has been great, and I'm loving it.

We've got WOWing things happening in Seattle. Iterative Rock Interaction (EERIE) is plugging along, and the lineups for the next couple of months are absolutely stunning. Check
here for more on that. We've also got Wig favorites SHIM headed to the High Dive on November 16 with the Hopscotch Boys. AND, we're bringing Spokane favorites Flee the Century to Seattle at the High Dive on December 27, though the details for that have yet to unfold. I'm very much looking forward to more shows in the new year with a bunch of bands that have just recently come onto my radar. I feel like more bands are hearing about us and getting in touch, and I love that so much... it does warm this lil' heart. The more people that know about us, the more good we can do!

There are also a lot of great shows coming up. You can look for coverage of all of the following in the coming weeks (or, if you're reading this in February, since I suck at updating it, here's what we covered in November... sorry): Islands, Hot Chip, The Slits, The Elected, Margot and Nuclear So-Sos, the Blood Brothers, the Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, La Rocca, Division Day, The Faint, and surely many many more. Can you believe it? And those are just show reviews. Oi!

I'll be home for the holidays in Spokane from December 16 to January 1, so I am certainly hoping to hit up the Flee the Century show at the High Dive. In the meantime, hit up those Wig shows for me in the coming weeks and lemme know how they go! If you're looking to fill up your other nights, all the goods are, as always, listed in our calendar--this fall and winter are host to some really great shows.

Missin' all that Wig action from LA,