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The Elected
January 24 – The Crocodile – Seattle, WA
by Ashley Graham

“We’re afraid of Seattle in general, so thank you for welcoming us,” Blake Sennett’s voice crackles and squeaks from the stage of the Crocodile on the day of his (other) band’s latest release
Sun, Sun, Sun. “You’ve got a lot of great music up here—it’s like entering the AP class in school. But I’m a ‘B’ student myself.”

As if we all needed further proof that Blake Sennett is the cutest man alive, this rousing set pushed that opinion right on over the edge. Sure, we could probably all do without that awkward moustache, but this little guy is just tons of fun! Whether he’s belting it out to us like a gospel preacher in “Do Me Good,” or making us homesick for that special someone on “Not Going Home,” Sennett’s a charmer through and through and his residence in side-projectland (granted, yes, this is the second disc, but now it’s official) is cause for celebration. And, hell, the moustache might even grow on us.

Local openers Panda & Angel were a delightful surprise, and a nice introduction to the night, interrupted somewhat strangely by Future Pigeon, a funked-out, echo-flanked band fronted by a Depp-style Willy Wonka look-a-like.

The Elected heads out with mega-success Stars in February, and heads back through Seattle on the 8th.
Sun, Sun, Sun is out now on the glorious SubPop, and you can head to their homepage,, for more info.