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Out of Nothing
by Melissa Mueller

It seems impossible to deny the painfully obvious references to Coldplay on Embrace’s fourth full length album,
Out of Nothing. After all, Coldplay’s very own Chris Martin lends his songwriting skills to the song “Gravity” and the bands did tour together.

There is also something else that strikes a familiar chord upon listening to the record. It might be the way lead singer Danny McNamara is solemnly nostalgic as he sings on the title track: “”I’ll say goodbye/I’m left hanging like all dancing bears I need rope to keep me in line.” Or it could be the way “Gravity” begins with a piano, very much a staple of Coldplay songs.

But there is something different about
Out of Nothing that stands apart--every song is like a power anthem. Sometimes those anthems are filled with somber memories, such as in the melodic “Keeping:” “And in the end I wish it would all burn/You are everywhere now you are gone.” Other times, the anthem consists of beautiful imagery and poetic lyrics: “Stars are wheeling in the sky, I guard the last of my line/Like a sleeping army I will wait, “ McNamara croons in “Wish Em’ All Away.”

Indeed, the imagery and poetic metaphorical lyrics are a strength for Embrace. Amidst violins, pianos, and backing vocals from the rest of the band, the songs create more of a narrative in the listener’s mind, albeit most of the time a sad story. The album is undeniably somber, there aren’t any infectious or pick-me-up type of songs here. But fans of the genre will be sure to catch on quickly. Already popular in the UK, Embrace is starting to gain notable attention in the States, and perhaps
Out of Nothing will make something of this English ballad band.