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The Epochs
Ten Billion Light Years of Solitude
by Leanda Quinquet

This is the debut album from the Brooklyn based electro-acoustic pop band The Epochs. The band has recently been signed to DC3 and will be re-locating to Seattle, WA to work on a new album in the near future. They have gained quite a following in NYC so hopefully they will receive the same welcome in their new home.

This album is brilliant; it starts off a little slow but is quick to prove its worth about three songs in. Their sound is large and unique; they specialize in building tension and finally supplying the listener with a much awaited sonic release. They use tasteful sampling and electronic elements frugally which adds to the albumís charm. In other words, electronic elements serve to support the other instruments and not to just act as filler.

The bands influences are evident; The Beatles, The Zombies, early doo-wop bands like the Ink spots and newer pop artists like Radiohead, The Shins and Modest Mouse. The Epochs create strong, solid pop songs just wacky enough to keep you on your toes. Each song is a stand alone gem and emits a very distinct vibe, ranging in emotion and yet still managing to fit together to form a tight record.

Drums, both standard kit and electronic, are a main feature of each track and are cleverly used, but not overpoweringly so. Lyrics are often indecipherable but it hardly seems to matter because the tunes are so damn hum-along friendly, upbeat and positive.

Sadly the best songs are at the end of the album, Himself, Biblical Proportions and The Giving Tree to name a few. This is the type of album that grows on you, after the second listen youíll be hooked.