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July 24, 2007 - the Moore - Seattle, WA
by Dagmar Patterson

It might be a bit cliché to comment that a band has stood the test of the time – but in Erasure’s case it’s a true cliché. I don’t think of them as just some '80s band, as they’ve kept relevant and maintained a vicious talent throughout the '90s and now the new century.

The duo, glitzy sci-fi stage included, is Andy Bell and Vince Clarke. They sing about chains, money, hatred and all types of abuse and joys of love. They’re distinctive and easily recognizable – in person and on album. Bell’s vocals are truly heavenly and listening to him live is a pop blessing. Clarke holds down passionate, floor-trembling keys and melody. What the hell more do you want from synth?

The Erasure catalogue has been consistently excellent and this was proven in their live set, which included "Chains of Love, Drama!," "A Little Respect," "Love to Hate You" and now songs off the new album
Light at the End of the Tunnel. The duo dressed in closely matched outfits of silver and then changed into paint splattered white suits for the encore. They matched as well with the gorgeous and talented backup singer/dancers, whose moves coordinated with the songs in a charming way, especially during the lovely "Blue Savannah."

Erasure sold out the venue easily. Their fans are passionate about the band in a way I do not seen very often. Bell is a wickedly charismatic frontman with a cheeky way of dancing which I am fascinated by. Clarke’s accomplished such wonderful songwriting and I revere him as I do Bell. They share an obvious and sincere bond – at one moment Bell came over to Clarke’s keyboard and gave him a quick and tender kiss on the lips. The band deserves respect not only for what they have done but for what they surely will continue to do.

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