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editor's note
Fast Computers
Heart Geometry
(Coeur Electronique)
by Nicholas Hubbard

Be prepared to dance, robots everywhere!
Heart Geometry by The Fast Computers is a piece of intricate hardware that is sprawling enough to keep any android nervous system running at top performance. The gorgeous symphonic layering on these eleven tracks is due to the superhuman abilities of the component band members to play more than your default guitar, bass and drums. Listen for the jangles. They deftly program in electric piano, glockenspiel and synthesizer. 

Shifting from up to down tempo, these tracks cover an emotional cityscape including joyful heights and somber back-alleys. You can even measure it out by the influences they reference. From Black Heart Procession (“Alarms Below”) to World Party (“Invisibility”) just about every major piano/synth-playing pop group pops up on
Heart Geometry and it works. Peter Dean can sound like Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) or Marc Almond (Soft Cell), even Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), but are his vocals muted—even lackluster—to highlight the music, or does the instrumentation have to make up for them?  Whatever the case, the smartly encoded lyrics are enough to distract from whatever is absent in the quality of his singing. If you ever get stuck inside your laptop (think Jeff Bridges in Tron) you will want this record to be your soundtrack.

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