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editor's note
Feral Children
Eternity Emergency
by Nicholas Hubbard

I kind of wish I’d gotten trashed before I listened to the Feral Children's EP. Their five-songs together have what I think would be the memorable impact of a brawl at a small town bar: numb jaw, ringing ears and the feeling that you’ve somehow hardened inside and out. “They’re Gonna Kill Me” makes my head throb, in a good way. The industrial sound of “Baby Brother” is almost as sadistic as the lyrics and it’s still catchy. Pissin’ on graves, shit-eating grins and sharp fingernails are littered throughout the tracks. Yeah, I could use a drink.
Eternity Emergency is surprisingly eclectic despite a running theme of constriction and uselessness; you can see where all the Modest Mouse comparisons come from. These guys’ grumbling is barely intelligible sober, but becomes damn intelligent after a few listens. Kind of harsh and tragic, but intelligent. Eternity Emergency is a Northwest record. It’s somber, gravelly and clashes with our current, rare bout of sunshine. Jim Cotton and Jeff Keenan’s vocals remind one of the best days of Mark Lanegan, and Christian Dorsett’s drums take a lot of their punch from the early 90s, when bands began to look like they drove pick-up trucks and were too busy gritting their teeth to shave. Except I think these guys really do drive trucks.

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