The Fever
Red Bedroom
review by Ashley Graham
From the first note of The Fever's debut full-length album Red Bedroom it promises to be fun.  The lead track "Cold Blooded" is dancey and catchy, and sets up the rest of the album to follow suit.  For the most part the tracks that follow do just that.

"Gray Ghost," possibly the album's best, has an incessant beat that will surely take hold of your head, foot or entire body and get you moving.  "The Slow Club" takes the beat down a few notches but never loses sight of the excitement of the tracks it accompanies.  "Put It On You" emerges just before the halfway point with an intoxicating chorus.  "Dream Machine," near the end, plays like the daunting music of a jack-in-the-box about to surprise.  The initial excitement of this album may trail off toward the end ever so slightly, but there are enough tracks on it that absolutely pop to make it worth the purchase.

Singer Geremy Jasper's scratchy but undeniably inescapable voice leads the way through this album, transforming itself from track to track and bringing life to each new beat.  The music that accompanies it is fresh and blends perfectly with the precision of Jasper's often crazed vocals.  This album is rooted in the 80s revival style, but it is still able to maintain a sense of newness and importance.  It's intended to keep you moving and it will do just that.

The Fever will take hold of your inhibitions and throw them out the window if you let them. 
Red Bedroom may take a few listens to grab you, but when it does it won't come out of your player for days.
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