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Flee the Century / VCR
June 26, 2006 - Rock Coffee - Spokane, WA
by Ashley Graham

Need proof that Spokane, WA doesn’t totally suck? Hit up a place called Rock Coffee down on First. Booking shit that wouldn’t otherwise work in Spokane in a great spot with even greater energy, Rock Coffee’s hard at work putting Spokane on the tour-circuit map. Forget the behemoth that is Big Easy surrounding the itty bitty space, Rock is where it’s at. They’ve already booked Seattle favorites like Some By Sea and We Wrote the Book on Connectors, and have also brought kick-fucking-ass far-awayers like Birdmonster to town. There are locals too. Some of them are mediocre, some of them are awesome. Regardless, if I still lived in Spokane, this place would be my second home.

Oh, the night’s music was pretty good too. Locals Flee the Century far outplayed headliner VCR, a rag-tag team of Virginians who somehow wound up on SideOneDummy and now tour the country in support of their tolerable electro-punk and completely intolerable stage presence.

‘Nuff said. Rock Coffee, you have the Wig’s full support. Happy to help out your cause anytime because, well, you rock our socks.

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