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Foo Fighters
October 26, 2005 – Key Arena – Seattle, WA
by Ashley Graham

Any doubts of just what constitutes a Seattle rock celebrity were quelled when Dave Grohl took the stage at Key Arena, his long hair dangling in his face, that characteristic grin plastered permanently across it. As he welcomed his audience to the third hour of the night’s spectacle, they embraced him in such a way as if to say “Welcome back where you belong.”

Though they were jumping for Hot Hot Heat and screaming their heads off for Weezer, the audience’s reaction was unparalleled when Grohl’s Foo Fighters sauntered across the stage. In a set lasting into the night’s wee hours, the Seattle-originated Foos slammed through the best of their catalogue. Songs were separated by the highlight of the night, Grohl’s banter of his years spent in the Emerald City.

As he introduced fan favorite “Aurora,” Grohl told the tale of his once-home on Aurora Ave., just within close proximity of his favorite Fred Meyer store. “The long underwear were cheap there!” he exclaimed before adding, “And, you know, back in those days that was the cool thing to be wearing!” His laughter blasted through the mic, echoed by the scores of fans who remember those days and, more so, remember him in those days.

Though it’s true the Foo crowd these days may be dominated down there by the stage by the teens not old enough to remember Grohl’s first round of glory days, these arena-sized crowds are large enough to house a greater smattering of ages representative of Grohl fans past and present. Grohl has managed to do something not seen often enough in the crazy land of rock ‘n’ roll, and his band now of ten years is busy making him more famous than ever before, and keeping that earlier band, though legendary and groundbreaking as it was, as a footnote to his success story.

These arena shows, though impersonal in size and hard on the squinting eyes of the 200-levelers, are the breeding grounds of rock gods. And with an impressive resume already under his belt and years to come of more success, it is clear this is right where Dave Grohl belongs.