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Forget Cassettes
by Betsy Ellison

Salt is the second album from Nashville-based Forget Cassettes. Their first album, when the band was a duo, was good enough to get them invited to play at the CMJ Music Marathon. This album has almost an entirely new lineup. The original drummer left, and the vocalist, Beth Cameron, invited a few new people to join the band. It has worked out well, as this is a good album. Cameron has a nice voice, and unlike a lot of other female vocalists, she doesn't try to overpower the listener with it. Instead of singing loud and bombastically, Cameron sounds like she's singing into the ear of the listener. The other musicians in the band are talented, as well. They all work very well together and were able to create a good album. The main thing I found lacking on this album were the lyrics. They didn't strike me as being all that exceptional, or even all that good, but itís not too much of a detriment, here. The music seems to be more important to them than the lyrics, and the music is good enough to work. That's another good thing about Cameron's voice: I still want to hear her sing, even though I don't much care for what she's saying.