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Gatsbys American Dream
by Melissa Mueller

Gatsbys American Dream’s most notable feature is their superb songwriting abilities, and their newest album,
Volcano clearly reaffirms that notion.

Lead singer Nic wastes no time in the first track, “Theatres.” “I see the world in a swirl of hues/But my favorite color is shame,” he sings as the drums and bass immediately take over.

The second song, “Pompeii” similarly kicks right into gear, instantly grabbing the listener whether they’re prepared or not. The catchy chorus, “I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha uh huh,” plays amid furious drums. Nic’s vocals are similar to that of Matthew Bellamy of Muse in that his voice lingers in the ears even after he stops singing.

“Fable” starts out like a Strokes song but quickly changes gears. The song’s lyrics read like an ode to the novel “Lord of the Flies.” Nic sings, “We tried to make this island more like a home… just a bunch of little boys… kill the pig pig, kill the pig pig.” The song is rather amusing as “Lord of the Flies” is required reading in it seems almost every high school, and Gatbsys American Dream, of course, is a reference to the classic novel, “The Great Gatsby.”

The song’s last track, “The Loosing of the Shadow” is quite possibly the most thought-provoking song on the album. “How could you understand how I feel about god?/How could you understand anything about me at all?” Nic sings quietly with a piano in the background. It’s the most impressive song on the whole album by far, and proves that the band has improved greatly since their last release,
Why We Fight.

Overall, the album is bound to be a hit with fans, new and old alike.
Volcano has “epic” written all over it.